By which time, within our veins flowed pure ink

I used to be someone else of course… we all did, but for me the transition has been reasonably recent… and in a previous incarnation I went on about this:

A pen with which you can write with blood, and who can honestly say they haven’t at some point needed one of those? Anyone can “say it with flowers”. Saying it with blood shows true commitment.

Anyway, (obviously) this reminded me of that, the “that” in question being this:





Which brings us back to the source… we’re currently experiencing a second Guttenburg Shift... the revolution that happened about 500 years ago is happening again… and there’s a beautiful circularity in the idea that one of the first things to be restored in the new wave, is something that was destroyed by the last… the printing of individually written, illuminated bibles.


And as a principle it holds. The printing press was a tool of mass-production from a single genotype/ideotype… the revolutions that came in its wake were (more often than not) also to do with mass production from single genotypes. The phase we’re entering is returning to one-off production from a single, (or multiple) geno/ideotypes.

The last time around, the people who got knocked sideways were those that attempted to monopolise the distribution and interpretation of the Christian geno/ideotype. This time around it’s people who try to monopolise geno/ideotypes full stop… and they’re getting hit from two directions – 1) they can no longer control their own “Intellectual Property” and 2) their consumers are increasingly more interested in producing their own.

So… (and I’m not going to do it myself), if any of you feel suitably commited, you could write a bible in blood and sell it to a goth for a million dollars.

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