And the eyes… have it.

This one goes out the other side of weird. Almost:

(boing boing)

As far as I can gather it’s an augmented reality game that you play with your phone. You wander around with an eyeball on your arm (a bit like the thing Molari had on Babylon 5) and it spots invisible monsters… that you too can see if you look at them through your phone. That’s the augmented bit. Then you shake the phone and they go away.

If you gave the eyeball wheels of it’s own, and the ability to carry and shake a phone, you could dispense with your own body completely. I see dead people etc. They don’t know they’re dead… and they only see what they want to see.

It is quite weird though, how easy it is to make something seem alive. All it needs is an eye, and the ability to direct attention.