Warbots, Lovebots

A new Warbot, which obviously (because they always do) also has “search and rescue” potential… because you’ve got to pretend that it’s good for something other than spending trillions of dollars killing people who aren’t posing any threat to us whatsoever – or if they are, because we won’t leave them the fuck alone.



Nice innit. The cephalic aspect is particularly endearing.

Not as scary as these though. Lovebots. Snogbots. Whatever:

And of course they’re not the first (as is claimed in the headline), because Bjork did this (in a virtual sort of way) years ago.

AND managed to make them not scary. Well, not as scary.

Make Love not War etc. Whatever… layers of Virtuality. None of it’s real until someone dies, or someone gets pregnant. It’s not a jungle out there, it’s a circus. The jungle is all to do with inner-space. So we build threat-bots. Fuckoffandleavemealonebots.

Large wooden clubs are extensions of our fists, clothes are extensions of our skin… cameras extensions of our eyes? Memories? Jim Morrisson once said that a sniper’s rifle is an extension of his eye; he kills with injurious vision. So now a revolution in sensors/communication/processing etc etc is allowing us to create creatures that are extensions of…

… everything. Every human faculty and more besides… but looking at the things I can’t help but feel that they’re extensions of our neurosis. We’re making gods in our own image, and what curious mangled little creatures they are.

So far.