Warehouse bots

I used to work in a Nike warehouse as it happens. I used to do this:

and it was fucking crap. That was the last rubbish job I had before I got back into computers. I sold out… or more accurately, the rest of the world sold ME out, by not buying enough of my records.

I think we need to… take care. We need to automate the jobs that no one likes. We should take care of the ones people do like doing, because if we do manage to build an abundance-based economy (hey, you never know) then people are going to need something to do. We really, seriously need to do something to get rid of the Prozac industry. One in Five people currently suffer from clinical depression.

Anyway, here’s some more allegedly performing the Nutcracker Suite, although I’ve seen the Nutcracker Suite, and I don’t remember it being like this: