The Sci Fi Singularity : Slo-Fi

And of course the other thing about the fact that the future is now moving too fast to make reasonable predictions about, is that some predictions have already happened before you get a chance to predict them…

… so when I went on about doctors using remote robot exoskeletons for surgery… well obviously someone’s already doing it.




Holy crap. Does it have to look so much like… “A Machine For Doing Things To People”? Less insectoid? It looks like a less finessed version of Darth Vader’s torture machine from Empire Strikes Back. A machine for inducing heart-attacks.

But anyway, there it is. My predictions are becoming too slow for reality. I’ll see if I can find one on Youtube.

Oh. Right. Only about a thousand of them.

You can do origami with them as well.

One day of course… maybe within the time that it takes for you to require the attentions of this machine, it will seem medieval and barbaric. If we live.