Robot Roundup

Ok – most of these aren’t really robots in the C3PO sense of the word… in fact one isn’t a robot at all – more of a draw-zorb… but they’re all kindof connected by… threads.

1) Really fast reprappy type thing from Holland.

Imagine it’s the early 21st C version of these

… which is also from Holland… in fact there are people who say that Laurens Janszoom Coster invented the printing press, rather than Gutenberg… so… you know… fair enough.

2) Projections onto Laser-Cut Paper

3) Cookie Making Robot

4) Similar Robot – using AI to do stuff

Starting to look quite convincing these things


5) Lego CNC Machine

A significant, space-race like milestone will have been reached when a Lego CNC machine capable of printing its own blocks is created. It’ll happen, I guarantee it.

6) Magnetic draw-bot

7) Another Lego Drawbot

lego Drawbot

Which reminds me a bit of the big-basin UFO, that looked incredibly promising for a while but which… went away.


Somebody’s actually made a plastic one


Which is pretty cool.

8) Poseable Art Mannequin

9) Zorboid Scribblebot


Not actually a robot at all, but do we care? No we do not.