Isn’t virtual reality brilliant? It’s just like reality, but you wear a hat.

I’m not sure if they’ve actually built the thing yet, but they’ve got a grant to develop it etc. I expect at some point they’ll do a TED talk, get a standing ovation, then we’ll never see them ever again. That’s what usually happens.

Quite interesting those EEG hats though. If I was a whole lot richer I’d get one and use it to control an army of insects.

Anyway, that’s enough cynicism for the moment.

I have a feeling this eeg stuff could be the blind-side technology that totally changes the shape of… things. If it ever becomes good enough. To start with it will probably be used for completely useless things like controlling your phone, or closing the curtains… so you’ll be constantly having broken-down curtains that are always running out of batteries etc… but the possibility of being able to shrink interfaces to sub-finger level could be a little too tempting to pass over.

The reason voice->text never caught on is that you can’t talk and think at the same time. If you’re typing you can kindof think ahead… you just leave your fingers to get on with it. Whether you can think and think at the same time remains to be seen – but if I were you, I’d leave well alone. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Go back to using a biro. A Quill and Ink. At least they don’t BSD on you.

Don’t know what this guy is doing

Looks like The Big Lebowski dance… although at one point he does apologize for being a fat guy with a bad hair cut that makes me feel so sorry for him that I just want to lie down and go to sleep for 1000 years. It’s ok dude. It’s ok.

I like this guy – if everyone in the whole world was like this, we wouldn’t get more done necessarily, but we’d probably fuck things up less.