Massive THING controlled by wiimote

Though personally, I would’ve used an iPhone etc… because that way it can track you with your GPS and chase you in your sleep.


Holy crap.

… giant machines-each weighing in at 15 tons. Each can turn at 45mph (72kph). The arms reach out up to sixteen meters… AND THEY’RE AUSTRALIANS !!!

And really, who could resist coupling that with the other thing I stumbled across today…


Insect controlled robots… although in this case, they’re tapping into the spinal columns of dragonflies to hijack their highly developed senses… and a new term is born “Hybrots”… machines with a bio component. Bios with a machine component.

I think this is the way it’s going to develop to be honest. Their is simply too much genius design in nature not to ruthlessly plagiarise it.

Apparently (I read somewhere) the thing that limits insect size is respiration – in the oxegenic sense… they don’t have lungs, so they can only grow so big. Until we get to the stage where instead of controlling a massive yellow monster with a wii, we do it with a praying mantis. You think I’m kidding? It’s one of those amazingly bad ideas (like a chainsaw bayonet, or handguns on rc helicopters or bacon flavoured icecream) that people simply won’t be able to resist doing. It’ll happen, trust me. We’ll fight them like gladiators, and then they’ll escape.

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  1. Undoubtedly. If a meteor doesn’t get them first. Movie!!