Tamagotchi Plant Symbiote

These things are popping up like mushrooms

Almost all of which seem to be on presale/crowd-funding deals.

Once you’ve got your head around arduinos they’re fairly easy to make as well, although the one above has a couple of bells and whistles… eg: long battery life, nicely polished apps.

The reason I like this one though… is the video… because it IS actually acting as a Tamagotchi… but instead of having a “virtual” animal that gets sick/healthy… there’s an actual plant.

The other thing that’s interesting about this is the 6000 strong database of plants… although this doesn’t become interesting until it’s open-sourced… which ought to be simple enough to do – just a matter of defining a micro-format really.

Whatever happened to micro-formats?

In the future, every tree will have its own gardener. (might not be human)

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  1. Patrick says:

    Want. Could build one, but it wouldn’t pass the Significant Other test.